The Wasp Factory
Kelvin Industries outer veil mineral refinery and fabrication plant, registration ga3kdmw.
Status: decomissioned following bio-hazardous infestation.

Warning: salvagers' rights withheld. Any contact with installation will be considered trespassing under full ICC law.
Possible contagion.

File Name : kdmw
Author : Kell
Email : [email protected]
Website :
Coming Soon : The Wasp Factory - Tall Story Remix
Place the .bsp file into your quake/id1/maps directory and launch GLQuake with the command line glquake.exe +map kdmw
Alternatively, launch GLQuake as normal, bring down the console and type map kdmw
If running software Quake, include the additional command line -winmem 16
Deathmatch Start Positions : 12 ( all recessed )
Coop Start Positions : 3 ( no, I don't know why either )
Player Load : 2 - 8 FFA
Recommended Wateralpha : 0.4
R_speeds High : about 800 wpoly
R_speeds Average : about 400 wpoly
Known Problems: when bots go for the red armour, the words 'fish' and 'barrel' spring to mind
As with my other levels, this map contains a hidden signiture room which is only accessible in single player mode.
Construction and Pointless Technical Information
Base : New level from scratch
New Textures : Yes, factory.wad
Editors Used : Worldcraft v1.5b/1.6, Paint Shop Pro v5, Wally v1.42c, TexMex 3.4
File Size : 2479 kb
Number Of Brushes : 745
Build Time : too long \'-::
Permission is granted to extract the textures for use in your own levels; all I ask is that I recieve a credit when your level is released.
You may distribute this level on any format, to anyone else.
There are just two stipulations -
1. The level must remain unaltered.
2. This html file must be included, also unaltered.
Thanks To
id software for the arcane alchemy that is Quake
Ben Morris for the superlative Worldcraft
Mike Jackman for TexMex
Ty Mathews and Neal White for Wally
Steven Polge for the Reaperbots
Mark 'Recoil' Hulme-Jones for getting me started
Dedicated to Howard Philips Lovecraft ( Dead But Dreaming )