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Cardo loves those cows
by DaZ 20/05/2002 - 17:27:51 (
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But he still prefers sheep. Anyway thats beside the point, Cardo has lovingly provided us with a new review! Bovine Intervention by laerth.


by Paul 18/05/2002 - 15:02:55 (
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Right, here is a list of who is doing what.

Paul... err me
Purple Haze (drazdm7)
Bruce Lee (pinion3)
GomDM5 - Herzblut

PlPak (all of them)
War for Territory (territory)
Violence 2: Dark Cello (v2dc)

Body Count (matdm2)
Full Metal Contact (fmc)

Return of the MasterMind (mmdm4d)

Bovine Intervention (bovine)
Fall of the acrid core (klzdazdm1)

The other maps are free for people to pick and if you put a note on here I'll upate the list of who is doing what.

5 to go
by Paul 13/05/2002 - 16:03:16 (
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xen and Gom Jabbar have written these 5 reviews. A mixed batch of stinkers and good 'uns.
Evil spacehamsters and pink jellyfish by MutantBunny
Hatebreeder by QurneL
WerdDM2 - Cranial Dismemberment by E- werd
Unnamed (remix of yellow snow) by KrimZon
The Limbo Of Broken Ecstasies by Kim Vidal

The really odd one in the bunch is The Limbo Of Broken Ecstasies which is 5 years old, and is one of the few maps I refused to review (about 3 years ago).

If you have trouble downloading any of the maps thats because I've been unable to get proper FTP access to upload them. They will be sorted shortly.

4 weeks to go
by Paul 07/05/2002 - 15:41:46 (
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xen has very kindly chipped in with some of the reviews.
MisDM12 - Terra Nova by MisYu
The Ravage II by ParboiL
Old Crater by ParboiL
Just a quick note regarding The Ravage II. It's a remake (retexturing to be more precise) of The Ravage which is a year older. I'm little bemused as to why ParboiL did it.

I now have my own personal website set up thanks to Sleepy and Vondur. There is some news on my Quake Frontend which will be out this decade. Also the #terrafusion stats have moved there.

The move to PQ is slow going. I have alot of work to do at my end before I put it on there. There is a huge amount of stuff to sort out.

Thank you
by Paul 22/04/2002 - 14:25:09 (
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Thank you everyone for your kind words on here and on Qmap. It makes me feel warm and gooey (in a good way).

The state of play is as follows. The MPQ archive will be going on PlanetQuake. There is quite a bit to sort out so it'll take a while. I do intend though on correcting any broken links for maps (since I have them all, yes even the bad ones), and they'll most likely be going on FilePlanet.

Since #tf stats are of the utmost importance, all 3 of you will be glad to know SleepwalkR has very kindly provided me with hosting for my own site, so that’s where they will go.

Reviews wise, Drannerz need not worry. There will be some midweek. If anyone is interested in writing a review for a map on the pending list, so that the site can close with nothing pending, then just drop me an email.

by Paul 17/04/2002 - 14:56:16 (
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I'm closing the site… for the final time :). Everything will disappear on May 30th. I'm looking into putting it somewhere permanent, but I’m not sure what will happen.

The reason? A lack of interest on my part. If I was being totally honest I've never really got back the enthusiasm I had when I was running the site first time around. Time wasn't really an issue; if I'd had the interest then there would have been more updates. I've found I spent more time away from my PC, which doesn't seem so odd when I spent 8 hours a day in front of one at work.

I must thank DaZ and Fat Controller (again) for their help. Shambler should probably get thanks too since he helped getting the site up and running a second time. As for the pending reviews, I'll see what I can do, but I make no promises. On the Quake coverage front, Religion Quake will be back soon so you'll not miss anything.

by Paul 15/04/2002 - 14:37:31 (
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Expect some interesting news later on in the week.

Pesky Fecking Russian
by Paul 02/04/2002 - 09:19:49 (
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I think Vondur is losing his touch. There were only 3 insults in his latest email to me, which were capitalistic ass, lazy bastard and BASTARD!!!! All of which means, its stats time kiddies!

Quake Architecture Contest
by Paul 30/03/2002 - 09:19:20 (
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Gom Jabbar has taken over the Quake Architecture Contest from MisYu because his HDD went tits up. Using the magic of cut and paste here is the gist of it:

The purpose of this contest is to produce brilliant architecture using only a few textures. The contest is about creating playable Quake deathmatch maps with interesting brush shapes and forms. You are expected to create visually stunning brushwork while using the textures only to accentuate the architecture, not the other way round as it happens alot. This time we want something different.

To join in the fun and for more details pop by the website.

Oh yeah, yesterdays "update". I was working (even though it was Good Friday) and afterwards went to the cinema to see Blade 2 so didn't get around to finishing anything off. Anyway, the film was lots of blood and gore which makes for some enjoyable mindless entertainment.

Shite A Light
by Paul 27/03/2002 - 15:12:08 (
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No queue hopping here. I'm plodding onwards and upwards and there should be an update on Friday. After which PLPak should be within my sights.

On a side note the Master of Biffs has released a pro version of Daedalus Revisited with various wotsits tweaked and fiddled with. Unfortunately I don't agree with it being the pro version because there isn't enough cheese content in it to warrant such a title.

Return of the Biff!
by DaZ 20/03/2002 - 18:08:14 (
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The Biff strikes back today with a ultra uber cool new map -
Daedalus Revisited by Biff Debris

its A new hope...

Why did I add titles here?
by Paul 19/03/2002 - 18:08:58 (
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Like buses there are 3 at once.
MisDM13 - The Lag Place by MisYu
Morbid Descending by Vladin Mitov
Colluctatio Morientis by Henning Janssen aka Tymo

The occasionally lovely Biff released the curvy idbase textured imp1dm6 : Daedalus Revisited yesterday which is well worth a look at.

Excuses, excuses
by Paul 18/03/2002 - 13:12:20 (
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I got a little carried away with MGS2 and played it another couple of times just for good measure. Then Halo appeared at the weekend and it was rude not to give that a good thrashing. That's still on the go but I need a break from it, so I'm working on some reviews which will be up tomorrow.

And on a side note after running the site for over a year I just realised (through the miracle of spam no less) that I have an email address of [email protected] I wasn't told when the site was set up by my host that I had one. Anyhoo, its going to continue unused.

Uh Oh
by Paul 11/03/2002 - 13:23:46 (
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When I finish Metal Gear Solid 2 there will be reviews. Dunno when that'll be.

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