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Quad Rock Base (2 to 6 Peeps)
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This is a case of playability over looks. Its a little basic on the looks side but is certainly one fun map to play. Style wise its base type map. The detail level is a little on the low side what with the walls being completely flat and the teleporters just being big rectangles. Some variation in detail would have been nice, slanted walls etc. Now onto the layout. Its made up of 3 double layered atriums all closely connected making for some pretty frantic play.

1-on-1 is really good, as is 3 in FFA. Its a very fast moving game, but not so some much that you can't keep track of whats happening. Item placement is good. The MH and RA are on the ground floor meaning that you have to get in the thick of it instead of wandering about on the sidelines.

The map would not be complete without the Quad damage, which is nicely tucked away at the top of the second atrium. There is a nice message scrolled behind it which you can see the second screen shot.

Don't forget the Omcrion route file, provided by Skorpion


Download Here (254Kb)
Gibbie aka Hylke Beck
Reviewed : 07/09/1999

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