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SecT DM Level RemaiC (4-16 Players)
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This is one wierd looking level. Theres a contrast in textures as you can see in the shots. The majority of the level is done up in the style in the second shot where as the blue textures are just used in that room shown. Its not just the texturing thats slight bizarre either, theres a really long spiral staircase which goes on for flipping ages before you actually end up going underwater into a crypt type area. There also an extremely long wind tunnel which lets you pick up the RL on the way.

I really don't know what to make of this map. The styling isn't consistant at all. Teleporters are all different shapes.

So ignoring its looks, how does it play? Not too badly. As with Ded Central you need alot of players. Theres not really enough ammo to support a big amount though, but if the game gets going they'll be plenty of backpacks to compensate.


Download Here (563Kb)
Reviewed : 12/12/1998

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