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Rust and Rockets (4 to 8 Players)
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Theres an interesting mix of textures here, as you can see from the two screenshots. The inside section (left shot) is E1M8/DM4 style and the outside area (right shot) is kinda DM2/base style. Its maybe too much of mix of textures. The maps layout is truely wierd. Its very hard to describe. See the first screenshot to get an idea. The teleporters are worth a mention. The novel part here is the exit for the teleporter. You land on a pad which is attached to the teleporter. How does the level play? Heres the problem. With 4 players its fun, but the size of level can mean you sometimes have to wander to find your opponents. Ideally this is an 8 player level but there just isn't enough ammo to support playing this. I constantly had no ammo and the axe is absolutely no use.

So play it with 4 and you can both kill and enjoy the scenery.


Download Here (353Kb)
Mike Caines
Reviewed : 07/09/1998

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