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Chesdm1 - Primal Etchings (2 to 4 Players)
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There are very few egyptian style levels, maybe its because in order to do the texture set justice they must be aligned properly. Well thats not a problem here, alignment is spot on. The teleporters are worth noting and look cool. The layout seems disjointed is some places, lifts when there is no need. That kind of thing.

Play is good fun. A 4 player FFA is much better than 1-on-1.

The Quad is nicely placed. Down the end of a corridor with a nail shooter at the opposite end which can occasionally hit you.


Download Here (439Kb)
Cheshire aka Adam Quigley
Reviewed : 25/10/1998

#1 Frag like an Egyptian...
by Ashley Lauren 25/08/2001 - 16:52:13 (
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Great use of this difficult texture set. Lots of over-lapping levels for surprise attacks ! I love the tunnel through the mountain. Four to six players make for an exciting Egyptian escapade ! The main area with the red armour makes for some real kewl battles.

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