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Pandemonium II (2 to 5 Players)
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Good old DM2 in style with the author adding his own twist. The layout consists of 5 rooms. This can further be spilt down in to 3 floors. The top level is the room shown in the first screen shot. The middle floor is made up of three rooms which contain most of the maps items. The lower level is a rectangular shaped room with a Quad damage slapped in the centre of it. Now the first thing I noticed upon playing this map was how cramped it is. There are some particularly small corridors. One such example is the slanted corridor which joins up the top and middle floors.

Then there is the flow of the map. The golden rule is that there should be at least be two exits for each room. That is not the case here. The room in the left hand screen shot is a prime example. I've already mentioned one of the exits this room has earlier. There is another but this is strictly one way traffic. Its basically a lift which comes up from the Quad room. This meant I tried my best to steer clear of this area, which is a little unfortunate because it contains an RL and some other misc. items.

So after my detailed describe getting around the map should be a breeze right? Sort of. Getting some of items isn't easy. I have two examples. First is the RA. You have a nice set of stairs there to guide you up to it, the top step is too high though and requires you to jump up it. Annoying. My second example is the RL. Its up on a platform which has a slanted floor. This ramp up is a little on the thin side give little room for error.

When it comes to item placement my suggestion would be to swap the MH and Quad around. Reason being is that the Quad is in a far too open a placing. It should be that the Quad is in the lava. There also isn't much ammo. The only rockets are next to RL and other ammo is a little light on the ground.


Download Here (160Kb)
Brad "Carnevil" Carney
Author Site
Reviewed : 05/09/1999

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