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The Lost Mountain Outpost (2 to 4)
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After two absolutely horrid maps, Mastermind hits back with this rather nice map. Its textured up like Gendm2 (one of my all time favourite Quake maps) so its already doing well. Unfortunately it doesnít get much better. The name basically gives you an idea of whatís in store here. It is indeed a lost mountain base. Although there is very little in the way of mountains. The layout is interesting. You have 5 big rooms connected together in a square. 4 are base type Gendm2 style rooms where as the fifth is the pit type area which without would make the mountain name look daft. This is basically your mountain. It doesn't look too bad. A nice outcrop of rocks containing the Quad and a metal shaft which runs down into the darkness below. If you manage to fall down you will "fall to your bloody death" as the author puts it. It is possible though with a little bit of jumping possible to transverse down and into a teleporter perched midway down the pit. This will drop you in the tower in the mountainous area which from here leaves you in the perfect camping spot, as a little sign in there points out if you didnít notice already.

Its not a smooth going though there is something that really bugs me, which are the problems with bits of the floor and wall not lining up together properly. There are ever so small gaps and differences in height which really make things look shoddy.

The bots took a real liking to this map, and the little buggers found the Quad before I did! Clever little gits. I can understand why they grasp this map so quickly though. The layout is fairly flat all you have to do is wander around in circles.

FFA is entirely possible due to the big rooms making up this map. 1-on-1 is equally fun. It all comes down to what you prefer.


Download Here (263Kb)
Reviewed : 12/08/1999

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