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Terror (1 on 1)
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Its hard to write reviews for maps like this. I want to say something positive about it. I want to find something which is at least good. Unfortunately I'm not able to. My first suggestion to the author is this. Practice mapping and do not release anything of this standard again. Its awful!

To start with I'll explain the layout. Its like a lego brick set gone wrong. When I a kid I used to have a lego set. It consisted of these big flat green rectangular pieces. Then there were loads of smaller different coloured blocks which you'd stick on there and built all sort of fancy creations... however I never once wanted to make a heap like this. In crude terms it is indeed like my childhood lego kit. The map is encapsulated in a box of purple sky which frankly is daft. The entire structure hovers and you can easily jump out of it and fall down onto the bottom of the sky box. From here you can see all the map. Brushes sticking out everywhere. A mess. See the second screen shot to understand what I mean. Some effort had been made to stop this problem but it wasn't good enough. The author could have done two things here.
1. Bring the sky up to the walls so you couldn't fall out.
2. Alternatively fill the bottom of the sky box with a trigger_hurt so the player can at least die and respawn.

Now back to the layout, its made up of two layers. The lovely out door area which is a obstacle course. The indoor area which is underneath is filled with tight corridors and bright flashing lightís which must be there to blind me whilst playing.

Then there is the pentagram of protection. To be honest it didn't surprise me it was there... I was just completely pissed off that once I got it I couldn't get out and use it!! You see the area containing it is hidden underneath a lift. So when the lift goes up you dash in and grab it. Mr. Incompetence (me) got trapped in there though. Against the bots you can get away with it, they don't have the malicious intent to trap you in and blow the shit out of you. A human opponent however would. Like me =).

The final nail in the coffin was the repetitive use of the textures. It seems like there are just 3 textures. The sky, the wall and grass. Thatís not exactly true but its the impression it gives.


Download Here (99Kb)
Shayne Jensen (a.k.a. wiskers)
Reviewed : 12/08/1999

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