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Pdm13 - Unlucky for some (1-on-1, 4 FFA)
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Oh my god, Peter Bisseker has made a non-Dapak style map. Its obviously inspired by Kingpin and Excessus's maps (I read the readme you see =P), we have this Kingpin-esque clad map. In a further shock to the system it has r_speeds which I believe may just be tolerable on machines running at less that <s>4000Mhz</s>, 200Mhz. The architecture is very sharp and angular. Curves are a no show here. The layout is basically a big building made up of about 3 levels. The ability to go right to the top of the building is cool, with a chimney type effort up there as well.

I do however think that the texturing is little OTT. As in a change in there would be good. The entire map is in the coloured brick you can see in the screen shots and it does get a little hard to look at after awhile. Something to break it all up would have been nice.

Playing the map was interesting. FFA was a real bitch. Anything more than 3 and it became a mess. Even with just 4 I got caned. Getting the RL is hard because its on a ledge which you have to jump down onto. Then there is usually someone in that area so they blast you into the lava. Not fun =(. Also this is the only RL in the map. There is a GL but this is placed right up top. Actually it is a good place for it because you can easily camp and drop grenades down. I found most of the firing was with the other crappy weapons which really doesn't grab me. Nailguns are kind of pissy if you ask me =).

1-on-1 is how the map should be played. This way you can scope about and tool up without getting blasted. I suppose the map could be played in a couple of different ways. One way is in an out all aggressive manner constantly going for it, or in a camper type of way. The layout is such that if you stay area the lower area of the map you really have to be on your toes, since its all close quarters. A little more space is given up top, but not that much more.

At the time of writing the download link given does not work, this where the map will eventually turn up. If its not working for you then please do use this link


Download Here (168Kb)
Peter Bisseker [assasin]
Reviewed : 01/08/1999

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