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Impdm2 - Strafeterium I (2 to 6 FFA)
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A sort of dapak style map with some leanings towards some of ProdigyXL's Quake work, what with the huge teleporters and big smooth architecture. The layout is pretty interesting and little more together than his last map.

This is by far my favourite of the 3 impdm maps so far (impdm3 has some disgusting wall and water textures which really put me). It looks good, has a simple layout and plenty of room to bounce about in. There is, unfortunately, a big problem with the map. Its that you get stuck to parts of the map. This happens throughout the map on staircases, wall and ledges. The main example of this is the slanted edge infront of lift shown in the back of the first screen shot. You can very easily get stuck on the top of it, and when you do, all you can so is slide left or right along the top of it. A jump gets you out, but in the thick of it, thatís just not on. Also the bots seem have a big problem with it.

That problem is really annoying because the map is just so much fun to play, Everything seems to drop down into the lift area and with only 4 in it was really good. Very busy, with loads of frags piling up. Much like impdm1.1-on-1 also works equally well, with the majority of the action the same central atrium area.


Download Here (164Kb)
Omicron Bot Route File
Biff Debris
Author Site
Reviewed : 01/08/1999

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