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Pdm12 (2 to 6)
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At the request of the Shambler I review this map. I've reviewed maps by this author before and he makes some amazing good maps. Its once again another Dapak style map (which doesn't surprise, all Peter's previous efforts were of the same ilk). Most of the texture set is the red brick seen in ztndm6. It features some very cool architecture. Just have a gander at the screenies to see what I mean.

He also shows a blatant disregard for r_speeds because at its highest point it almost hits the 1500 mark! For the most part it hovers in the 500+ region, not exactly a map for lowly endowed.

The layout is very simple. You have one huge 3 level room (in the first shot) which has a square course of corridors which go of the mid level. A couple of teleporters on the top and ground floors break up movement. The main room is where the r_speeds rocket but does feature some very nice architecture. I particularly like the detail on the stand holding up the "Quad room".

Play wise its pretty frantic. 1-on-1 works well. Just a matter of keeping control of one area, which contains the RL, MH and Quad. FFA is also very good.

Don't forgot the Omcrion route file, provided by Skorpion

At the time of writing the download given does not work, this where the map will eventually turn up. If its not working for you then please do use this link


Download Here (267Kb)
Peter Bisseker [assasin]
Reviewed : 28/07/1999

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