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Baldm7 - Black Featured Wings (2 to 8 FFA)
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Will this guy ever stop. I certainly hope not. After Baldm6 he screams back with an even better map. Again its another big FFA map. The style is some what different, but familiar.

The layout is hard to describe but I'll give it a go. Basically its two multi-layer atriums, with an underground type section running underneath. A crude but accurate description.

This leads me nicely onto Quad. The design for getting this is a piece of genius. From the underground section you walk on to brown metal grill, this then fires you up into the chute above. You then gracefully fly up, quickly past a window showing the ground level of one of the atriums. Its then up one more floor, then as you get the quad, the bars infront of it fly open and you drift back down to the ground floor. The chute is actually used as a support for the first floor of the atriums and the inclusion of the window on it is just such a good idea (big hint : it was my idea ;)). Watching people fly past it then up to the Quad is really cool. Of course a well timed 'nade down the chute may spawn you a lucky frag or two. Getting it wrong though means the grenades comes right back up the chute. Bots have zero trouble getting it.

Playing this map is an absolute blast. It fits 6 comfortably.

I do have a couple of niggles though. First is the teleporter texture, purple water! Yuck!? Then there is the general texturing of the map. The light texture doesn't look right to me. The yellow with the touches of red around looks very bizarre. Then there are the item pads. I'm really not sure the particular texture used fits in at all. Its a light grey/blue colour where as the walls are dark-ish blue.

Don't forgot the Omcrion route file, provided by Skorpion


Download Here (346Kb)
Bal aka Benoit Strodeur
Author Site
Reviewed : 25/07/1999

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