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Silence (2 to 5 Players)
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Base style map. A big improvement over Joe's last map, Lost Goods. The architecture is good. Nice zig zag type edgings can be seen in both screen shots. For the most part things gel together pretty well. However, some of the decorations along the top of the rooms is very slap dash and messy. As you can see in the first screen shot, in the upper area the textures are visibly stretched too much. This, unfortunately, is a regular occurrence in this map. There are loads of over stretched texture which look very messy and unprofessional.

That aside, lighting good. Lots of spot lights, a few dark spots. The layout is pretty simple, two three layer atriums. There is one teleporter which, again, can be seen in the first piccy. Both sides of the teleporter drop you of in different locations. Nice touch I thought.

Its not a very big map and on spawning you basically head for the YA and RL which are near to each other. Not much happens at the top end of the map, and if it wasn't for one of the teleporter exits begin up there I doubt I'd go up there. I really didn't need the RA.


Download Here (266Kb)
Joe Hunter
Author Site
Reviewed : 25/07/1999

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