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Timeless (2 to 5)
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What a cool looking map! Where as Baldm7 has a sort of cartoony, bright look, Timeless has a more subdued, realistic look to it. The blue bleached wall textures look fantastic. There are also loads of other textures from various sources. There looks like to be a couple of King Pin textures in there, along with some Quake 2 ones as well. All of which work together very nicely.

The architecture is also very good. Some of the standard Quake 2 fair in there, but the original bit is how the blue texture used. These particular walls taper in to the middle from the top and bottom to a width about half that of the top.

The author explains the layout best : The layout consists of 2 rather close rooms and 1 isolated room that is linked by 3 hallways and a teleport. At first I found the layout to be complete muddle. The detailed architecture and fairly random looking room arrangements makes getting your bearing even harder. Once you've nailed it though its quite easy to negotiate. The previously mentioned hallways connected at both ends of the isolated room and in the central. I found that most of my movement circulated along the central corridor.

1-on-1 is a no go. FFA is once again the way to go. It plays as mean as it looks. The very open natural of the rooms makes for some very entertaining play.

Don't forgot the Omcrion route file, provided by Skorpion


Download Here (460Kb)
Mike Daugherty
Author Site
Reviewed : 25/07/1999

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