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Back2school (2 to 4)
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My initial thought when I loaded this map up was "Where the hell is the other half of it?" As I've seen it put, its a contradiction in terms this map, epic architecture, small layout. You have to put this into context though. This is a 1-on-1 map. Pure and simple. No messing about. Its brutal.

The layout is a no brainer. The outdoor section is shown in the right hand shot. The indoor section is shown in the left hand shot. Thats a little cruel though, because there is actually an adjoining bit to the right of the indoor area, which holds the LG, YA and some rockets. Going back to the outdoor area, the rock formation here looks really good. I just like the way the carved stairs curved up into the big corner rock.

You really have to get the upper hand to get anywhere in this map. The size means you can easily keep tabs on the MH and RA. Some idiot suggested a Quad would be good in the map. If that would have been in, it would have been total choas and totally unplayable. In 1-on-1 you basically need to just take control and hand it out. In FFA its a messy affair. Whilst entertaining, to me, it seems too busy.

Texturing is very subtle and colours blend together very well. The light yellow/orange sky looks really good against the light brown/cream coloured walls. My only niggle is the teleporter texture. I'm with Frib on this one. Water does not look right, its looks very cheesy.

Don't forgot the Omcrion route file, provided by Skorpion


Download Here (217Kb)
Pingu aka Alex Moore
Author Site
Reviewed : 25/07/1999

#1 Another Great 1-on-1 !
by Ashley Lauren 27/08/2001 - 21:56:43 (
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1-on-1 is great ! Four players make this map even better ! I love the touches Pingu brings to a map. The item placement is perfect. You can always find something quick to defend yourself with. Health is distributed well for the timez u get hit. There's a lot of good escape zones to run to; the windows in the 1st shot, the arches in the 2nd... and others less obvious. The details ! WOW ! Just look around when you're not getting fragged and look at the beauty of this map ! Another work of art from the master !

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