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Back to Basics - Ben Hur (2 to 6)
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This is probably the weakest of the maps in Basic series. Thankfully, there is a switch in texture set. Now its egyptian in style and no real problems, its put together well but there are a few problems

The layout is basically the area in the screen shot 1. From here you have two ledges perched fairly high up on either side of the arena. Getting the RA on here is easy, just run up the slanted floor and jump of the edge, your acceleration of here will you drop you prefectly on the RA. There are also two areas of here from which you could camp on. The central column has three entrances which connect to a stairs which go down. This room connects a teleporter and an exit into a tunnel of water.

What surprises me is how cramped this map is. The outdoor area is ok. But the inside areas are very small. Movement is certainly not easy!

I really had no fun playing this map. I'm not sure why but I really wasn't interested.


Download Here (216Kb)
Reviewed : 25/07/1999

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