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Back to Basics - Storm Center (2 to 6)
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The 3rd map in the Basic series continues on in the same style as the previous two. The layout is fairly symmetrical, consisting of two areas of the type shown in the first screen shot. This connects to a third area which is has a huge circular column in the middle, which contains two teleporters. To get to them you have to go up some wooden stairs and across some platforms which look very out of place. Architecture is again very simple. There are a few curved walls here and there but it looks the textures are doing most of the work and after 2 other maps in a similar style I'm frankly sick of seeing it.

There are some vaguely interesting bits such as the wacky item placement and sharply curving stair cases. The items have been placed on an angle so when they rotate they look very weird. Cool idea. The staircases whilst looking cool are fairly impractical to get up when in the thick of it. Then we have the disgusting looking teleporters. Blobs of purple liquid look very tacky.

Bots have zero problems getting around here. The teleporters help break up the flow round the map. The RA is positioned in such a way that rjumping is the only way to get it. The steep angle of the staircases in the central of the two atriums also caused me some problems. I found it hard to track whats going on.


Download Here (213Kb)
Reviewed : 25/07/1999

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