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MunY 21 (2 to 6 Players)
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I read somewhere that this is the first map Munyul has used beta testers on! That kind of surprised me! I am pleased because this is a much better map than Muny20.

You have 4 types of brick texture making up most of the map. The different colours of orange, green, blue and light grey seem to work well together. The layout is basically three multistory atriums connected via spot light lit corridors. It looks pretty cool with the light coming from the bottom of walls and going across the floors. The lighting in the atrium section looks to come from the sky and few wall mounted lights.

Item placement is good. The RA is pretty easy to get with a short jump but getting the MH is a little harder. You can either rjump to it or walk along the dug out in the wall then jump onto the platform its on.

Getting the Quad requires a little bit of patience’s! You need to go through the teleporter which is blocked by two metal bars, which you can see in the first screen shot. First off you push the red Quake sign switch, which then triggers these metal bars to open. Thing is they move very slowly. Hanging around for it to open is not a good idea. Ideally you wait for one of the bots to push it, then kill them and jump into the teleporter.

Weapon placement is good. Two RL's are in there on the ground floor of the map and are placed diagonally across from each other. There are no stairs or lifts present movement is either by teleporter or wind tunnel. Movement is smooth.

>Skorpion has created <a href="">an Obot route</a> for the map.

<b>The download link given is a temporary one, please try at


Download Here (108Kb)
Munyul Verminard
Reviewed : 09/07/1999

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