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Pdm10 (4 to 6 FFA)
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Shameless DM2 remake? Not quite. It has a section which is pretty similar to the RA/Quad area in DM2, but other than that, its only matching feature is the its style. This map has been made because the author is a fan of the original DM2 map. I, however, am not a fan of original DM maps, compared today’s high standard of custom maps they are crap. Today’s maps are skillfully built. I hardly think those maps were. Anyway, I digress, the layout is fairly simple. The aforementioned area makes up the bulk of the map with a few corridors and whatnot making up the rest of it. The whole style of the map is faithful to DM2 even down to the horrid crossing bars in the roof. Lighting is a mixed bag. Some of its ok, bright enough with little shadows, where as other sections of the map are bathed in huge dark blobs of shadow. See the second screenie to see what I mean.

1-on-1 is a very boring experience and was akin to watching paint dry. FFA is the way to go. The map is actually pretty open in the main area and lends itself very nicely to long shoot outs. This was almost the maps saving grace, that it does actually play ok. That is once you get some weapons. And unfortunately the map once again kicks itself in the groin. DM starts are usually placed near to the most pissy weapons there are. When someone with the RL is in your way whilst you try to dodge them to get the SSG or the SNG, you can understand why you don't live long. Its funny because there are three RL's! The annoying thing is that they aren't placed


Download Here (230Kb)
Peter Bisseker [assasin]
Reviewed : 07/09/1999

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