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Pdm9 (2 to 5 Peoples)
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This is quite an original looking map. What is deceptive though is how its all done. At first I was convinced that custom textures had been used, but after a little investigation I found out that its just the normal wizmet and wmet textures mixed in together. Basically a whole load of work has gone into creating this look. The alignment is spot on and it does look pretty damn good. I'm not sure though if the r_speeds could have been lowered if some custom textures had been used. That said, the r_speeds are piddling low for the most part.

The layout consists of a fairly compact four leveled atrium which is connected to an extremely nicely constructed lava pool area. Lighting is good. Nothing particularly remarkable, it just seems to do the job.

Before I mention how this map plays, I'll get all my complaints out of way first. Starting with general map points. At times the map feels extremely cramped. A good example if the RL room overlooking the lava pit. Very small. Then there is the purple water area which isn't exactly easy to get out of. The floor it just a little too low and I did occasionally get stuck on the rim around the water when trying to get out. Now for things which are purely cosmetic. The purple water looks stupid, yuck! The same goes for the teleporters and player start pads. The pads seem a little out of place and also have been shrunk in size. Not sure as to why.

Now playing the map reveals its trump card. This is an amazing map to play. Its an absolute riot in FFA. One of the factors which cause this is that there are 3, yes 3 RL's. Its an absurdly daft amount to have in such a compact map but it really works. Pure madness. I found that the majority of the action is around the 1st floor, dodging between the atrium and lava area. You really have to play this map to see what I mean.


Download Here (188Kb)
Peter Bisseker [assasin]
Reviewed : 24/08/1999

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