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Pdm7 (2 to 4 Peeps)
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DM4 style. Lovely. I have a question for you. Do you enjoy jumping about like a madman? You do! Then this is the map for you. You'll be right at home too, because when it comes to jumping those Omicron bots are as mad as a cow with BSE.

To be very blunt, I f*****g hated playing this map. I spent more time in the lava than anywhere else. I do exaggerate a little though. There isn't a huge amount of lava in there. The problem is that the map consists of two atriums, at the bottom of which is lava. For some reason I always ended up getting knocked down in there. Its also a very cramped map. Now back to the atriums, there are basically two floors. The upper floor consists of a few corridors which connect things up. Teleporters are sprinkled in there to break things up.

For me it was more entertaining sitting down eating some crisps and watching the bots fight it out via the Kascam. Maybe if you’re more jump happy than me then you’ll enjoy it.


Download Here (145Kb)
Peter Bisseker [assasin]
Reviewed : 24/08/1999

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