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CCT_Team (6+)
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Gizmo also provides the next cct map and this time the clutter and clumsiness of cctdm2 is gone and we are given is a more open corridor type of map to play with. The tricks and traps make an unwelcome return with sliding floors which reveal pits of lava.

The texture set is a little hard to describe since every room is different. We have floor textures on walls and other little oddities. Lighting is provided by lots of wall torches

Item placement seems very random and there is really nothing tactical about it. A couple items, such as the MH, Quad and an RL are on item pads so its easy to spot where they are.

If you're looking to rack up some kills then circling between the MH room, which also has an RL and three boxes of rockets, and the platform which holds the Quad will help. Keeping these under your control makes for a lot of easy kills. It is, however, not a very interesting map to play.


Download Here (332Kb)
Reviewed : 09/07/1999

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