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CCTDM2 (2 to 6)
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The CCT series continues but this time with a different author at the helm. The cynic in me says that this map just looks like two big ass square rooms which have been tacked together along one side. Unfortunately thats exactly what it is! These two areas, thank fully differ in layout. One has an upper rock ledge surrounding it with a temple like entrance at the bottom with a couple of pools of lava (right hand shot). The other room is basically a pit (left hand shot). Interconnecting these two rooms area sprawling mess of player wide corridors. It makes movement around the map not so easy. I can only imagine how hard it will be navigate when lag comes into play. With the random placing of lava you could quite easily stumble into some.

What disappoints me more is that three major power ups are also within very close range of easy other. In the temple entrance area you can drop down from the upper ledge on a pentagram of protection then across the room to the Quad, which is in the temple area, then back track a little and rjump onto the temple roof to get the ring of shadows. This makes it easy for someone to rip round, grab them all and really kick some ass. If would have been better if their placing was a little more scattered.

Then are the bizarre teleporter exits. One drops you off on the top of lift shaft so you fall down onto the lift then come back up again. Another just drops you at the top of the room, which is actually very near the teleporter entrance. This teleporter is pretty weird in that its four boxes of purple sky with the centre bit being the teleporter entrance.

The player load is pretty small and works pretty well with 4. Its a far more entertaining map than cctdm1, but this is most likely down to the bots nailing its simple layout quickly. From a technical point of view though the other map is better.


Download Here (335Kb)
Reviewed : 09/07/1999

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