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Exdm4 "The Furnace" (2 to 6)
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Excessus once again dabbles with custom textures. This time its King Pin textures. The maps architecture is suitably themed around this and looks excellent.

The first thing you notice when playing is that the item placement is odd. Its been mentioned by Fat Controller in his review of this map, and also by others. Its like exdm3 in that if you start at the bottom of the map you have to trek upwards to get any decent weapons. All the big sticks seem to be scattered up high. Within very short range are the 2 RL's and the LG. So this has an adverse effect on play. Didn't bother me much though, if you keep tabs on this area then you can very easily keep things under your control.

I also have a couple of niggles. First off are the teleporters. They are not the easiest to get into. You really have to aim for the centre of it, which is a little hard in the thick of it. They are also some obvious misalignments.


Download Here (474Kb)
Carlos "Excessus" Sisi
Author Site
Reviewed : 02/07/1999

#1 Item placement
by excessus 14/10/2000 - 19:34:32 (
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This climbing thru the whole level to get the better weapons may come from my platform games times... O:-)

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