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XL Game Over (2 to 6)
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Well here is a map that I've already made comments on. My main comment was that I just do not like the texture set used. Its the same as the one used in Bless to Kill by Headshot. I can't quite work out what it is, maybe its the mixture of the two styles together or just the colours.

Whatever it is though there is no denying that this is Prod's best Quake map. The architecture is superb what with curves flowing through out the place. Naturally I have to mention r_speeds and you're looking at it notching over the 900 mark in a couple of spots. The trend of using push_triggers to simulate bounce pads is also present here and this is the best looking example of it so far, see the right hand screen shot. Starting from the floor it goes up and across the room to the opposite side of the room. The surrounding chute is a half circle which curves up and into the roof. Its pretty amazing stuff. On top of this curvy tube is the Quad which with a quick rjump can be yours.

You don't have to rjump to get it though, the map employs split exit teleporters so that if you walk in you go into one area, where as if you jump in and you go to another area. One such teleporter exit lands you right in front of the Quad.

Lighting is somewhat of an oddity. It all looks sourced (someone mentioned in a couple of spots that it wasn't but I couldn't find that), but in some areas it is extremely dark. I understand its to give a more atmospheric feel to the map, well to me its just too dark. See the first screenie to get what I mean (note: these screen shots have been lightened).

After changing the my gamma settings to a level that would start to burn my eyes out I set out on playing the map. 1-on-1 is good and is cat and mouse type of game. 4 in FFA is a blast. Very fast and very enjoyable.


Download Here (220Kb)
Omicron Bot Route File
ProdigyXL aka Graeme Timmins
Author Site
Reviewed : 09/10/2000

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