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The Arena () (2-4)
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The map name is a dead give away here. An arena is exactly what it is. It consists of a huge circular arena with the centre being filled with lava. On the lava is a big square platform with a circular altar. 4 gangways connect up to here.

Its a nice idea but the way it has been done isn't that good. It seems a little amateurish, if that makes sense.

There are 4 teleporters which drop you on the aforementioned altar section. Littered around here are a handful of different weapons. I'm not quite sure why though because the RL easily dominates the action. 1-on-1 is ok. Mostly dodging and strafing around whilst keeping your eye on your opponent. 4 is alot more exciting and you have to keep your wits about you to get anywhere.


Download Here (282Kb)
The Harb!ngeR of Fish
Author Site
Reviewed : 07/09/1999

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