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Mayhem (2 to 6)
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Gibbie was in two minds as to releasing this map. After a swift hit with a trout he changed his mind and decided to go for it. After overcoming the bugs and quirks of Quark he finally released it.

Gibbies doubts with the map were down to its style not being that original. Well he is right, this style of map has been done before by such authors as Odd and Junior. None of this matters though because the execution of it all is very good and once you get playing this map then it really starts to shine.

1-on-1 is good and is pretty fast. 3 in FFA is really good. The map is pretty compact and most the action takes place in area shown in the first screen shot. You could camp a little by just hovering round the on upper level and dropping ‘nades and rockets down.

Item placement is good what with spawn point being near to at least two weapons. Keeping stocked up is easy with an abundance of ammo.

I do have couple of niggles though. One is the sky texture, its looks very cheesy. The other is that I did spot a huge amount of tearing in one particular area of the map (I have V_Sync turned off so it is a regular occurrence but not like this though). Nothing major but it was odd to see it.

If you downloaded this map prior to seeing this review please redownload it because changes have been made to the map

>Skorpion has created a route file which you can download <a href="">here.</a>


Download Here (357Kb)
Gibbie aka Hylke Beck
Reviewed : 23/06/1999

#1 One of my favorite maps
by Ashley Lauren 26/08/2001 - 18:34:48 (
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I really felt this map could've gotten a higher rating. There were some odd effects with the textures... (the wall to the left in screen shot 2 will let you walk inside it) but it never really affected play. I love the placement of items and the fact that there is never a dead-end when you're being chased or chasing. In fact most areas have more than one way out. The fact that there are overlapping levels is always a plus for me, this level has those in abundance. This map has a unique look and play which I always appreciate. (Get tired of the same-ole same-ole) I've had quite a few enjoyable games in this map. I consider it one of the classics.

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