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DASDM1 (2-6)
Comments (5) Go to top of page  
There are times when you load up a map and just think "why?" Here is one such example. The author admits that this is his first map, but if look at the other reviews you will notice that Mayhem by Hylke Beck is also that particular authors first map. The difference probably is this though, this map is most likely the authors first *ever* map where as Mayhem is Hylke's first released map. What I'm getting at is that you keep this kind of stuff on you HD and learn from it.

So onto the map. Texturing is a no brainer here. I'll take the editor default please! Its almost entirely in the yellow stone texture you can clearly see in the screen shots. This is mixed in with a bit of purple sky, lava, black teleporter liquid and some blue high-tech computer textures. I'm not sure if any of this has been properly aligned but even if it was I couldn't tell. Lighting in the indoor areas is completely sourceless and so looks odd.

The layout is very simple. You have 3 square rooms and one circular room. Each is double layered with access between them via big ass sloped blocks. There are a couple of teleporters in there which drop you off at opposite ends of the map.

There is DM start which when you spawn there has you with you head stuck in a block which is extremely annoying.

Throwing in some bots does provide you with some shooting practice. The rooms have loads of space so spend most of your time dodging incoming fire. Also since the architecture is of a simple natural the bots found it very easy navigating this map.


Download Here (148Kb)
David `Gibfest` Carter
Author Site
Reviewed : 01/06/1999

#1 Noooooooooooooo
by GibFest 22/10/2000 - 08:48:34 (
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I can't believe you still have this map, I didn't know how to use the editor even and as for light sources, I didn't know what they were 8(.

I'm now determined to make a good map now just coz this is soooo crap.

#2 yes
by NotoriousRay 22/10/2000 - 12:54:55 (
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i would like to request a working download for this map please!

#3 Im afraid
by GibFest 26/10/2000 - 15:47:46 (
Go to top of page  
I ain't got it, but someone somewhere might.

#4 Oh, but I have it!
by Paul 26/10/2000 - 19:11:40 ( Refers to post #3
Go to top of page  
I can put it somewhere so people can download if you want :). Go on, you know you want me too.

Btw, I tried the map out this evening and first time I spawned, I managed to get stuck in that spot I mentioned in the review. Whoops.

#5 Yeah
by GibFest 28/10/2000 - 07:12:30 (
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Put it up I want it back anyway I need to see it again 8)

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