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Baseness (4 to 8)
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Baseness is CremaTor's first map, and unfortunately, it does indeed look like a 'first map'. The texturing is your average id base style fare, nothing exceptional or inspiring in this department. These textures are wrapped around brushwork which is, quite frankly, pretty damn rough (for the most part). It's not all bad though, and it's obvious that CremaTor put quite a bit of time and effort into this map, because there's some nice detail here and there - for example the pipes and such which make an appearance, and also the water area near the YA looks pretty cool, with all those supports beams and what have you.

CremaTor has attempted to introduce some interesting gameplay concepts in Baseness, with mixed success. The respawn idea is reasonably cool (sometimes you will respawn in an underground pipe, and you'll be spat out by an air lift - collecting a nice weapon in the process). The rocket launcher ideas are another story, these are more annoying than anything else: in order to get one of the rocket launchers, you'll need to enter a room where you keep taking damage if you stick around (a trigger_hurt brush, presumably), and in order to get to the other RL, you've *really* got your work cut out for you. You'll have to travel to another part of the map, tread on a pad which will shoot you up in the air through these ring thingys, at which point you'll be teleported to the RL area. You're not there yet though, you'll have to run along a platform and climb up a ladder to reach the RL. Confused yet? Seems like a hell of a lot of work just to get your hands on a decent weapon. It's not the only way to get to the RL though, In the same room as this particular RL there's a button lift which will take you up to the next level. If you were to take the lift up to the top, you could easily jump down and grab the RL. Well, you *could*, except for the fact that CremaTor has deliberately placed a pipe directly in your way, to prevent you from doing so. You *can* still make the jump, you'll have to go around the pipe though, and it's a difficult jump to land every time. If someone is shooting at you at the time, forget about it. :)

I mentioned a ladder in the above paragraph, and this is another cool feature of Baseness... there's a couple of functional ladders in the map. They work quite well, and look decent enough. Another nice touch is the secret MH area. The more observant players will spot the MH and work out how to get to it pretty easily. Speaking of powerups, the ring of shadows and quad are included in the map, which helps to liven the game up a bit.

Gameplay wise, Baseness is playable, without being particularly interesting or inspiring. Basically, the map is rather poorly connected, and it's a pretty straightforward room-corridor-room type of deal. It is reasonably open though, and you'll tend to hear players in other areas, which will help you actually find someone to kill. I'd recommend playing with 4 players minimum, otherwise there'd be more 'dead' time as you search for the other dudes than 'live' time actually fighting. There's enough in the way of items and weapons for 6-8, although I wouldn't go any higher than 8. CremaTor suggests that you'd squeeze 12 or more into the map, but I don't see how 12 people can share 1 YA and 1 GA between them. Personally I think there's not enough armour, however there *is* plenty of health lying around the joint, so this does compensate for lack of armour - to an extent.

Overall, a bit of a rough map which doesn't really play all that well, but a few cool ideas and some nice attention to detail helps to lift the score a bit.


Download Here (382Kb)
CremaTor (of CremaTed Design)
Author Site
Reviewed : 20/06/1999

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