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The Sweetest Way To Die (2 to 6 Peeps)
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Long time no see for this map author. Kaiser's last map was the very funky The Divine Enigma. Always one to try out new ideas this map is no exception. There is some very interesting architecture in here. The lower section of the map has some very wide corridors which have curved walls. Its extremely cool looking what with all the textures being perfectly aligned. There are also sky lights which are decorated with some cool looking spikes. Examples of this are in both screenshots. Lighting is suitably moody with big areas of shadow.

Now I was thinking about the architecture in the map. Would it be so interesting without the curved corridors? The upper section of the map consists of vertical slanted walls and I bet if the entire map was done like this it wouldn't have got some much attention. Anyway just a thought!

The layout of the map is very open with loads of space. There is no way you can play this in 1-on-1. I found it very boring. Its definitely a FFA map and dropping in 4 to 6 makes for a chaotic game. I found you've really got to have your wits about you here. You have very little time to stand still and things were pretty fast moving with just 4.

I agree with Frib on the point that the lava texture is truly terrible. That said if you load something DM2 first then Sweet To Die you'll find the lava texture is that of DM2 so negates you having to look at it =).


Download Here (221Kb)
Omicron Bot Route File
Author Site
Reviewed : 13/06/1999

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