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UltraPain (2 to 6)
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I have this thing about blue and Quake maps. My experience tells me that these Quake maps aren't very good. Unfortunately my little rule is true here. There appears to be a little more thought with regards to structure and layout but its still a pretty poor map. The over bright wall textures and odd architecture make for a bizarre offering. Actually there is a real clash of colours in one part of the level. Light blue, orange, brown and green just do not go together. Everything seems so big which makes you feel like a diddy man. Its like being a dwarf in giant land. One thing the author needs to work on is the scale of things. For the most part everything is way too big.

To get things going you need about 6. Most of the fragging took place in the lower section of the map (not shown). Its a rapid affair with frags piling up quickly. It really didnít require much skill to rank 'em up what with me just firing off rockets into the crowded corridors. The key weapon here is the RL and if you have that then you'll have an easy time of it. There isnít all that much health so respawning is pretty common. What bugged me was that a couple of respawn spots are right in the thick of it so sometimes you'd get blasted before you have time to fart.

There is one secret area which holds a RA. Spotting it is very easy, hint look for yellow. Opening this up involves hitting a switch which is hidden in a dark alcove.


Download Here (204Kb)
Reviewed : 13/06/1999

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