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Exdm3 "Pandemonium" (2 to 4)
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Mapping shock, Unreal textures put to good use.

Its about time someone did because they're just wasting away in Unreal (flame me now). Again more custom textures for Excessus and once again they are put to good use. This is by far from favourite of all his maps and he seems to have captured the feel of Unreal in terms of architecture fairly well.

I found that this time the map was more interesting with 6 to 8 bots in because with less it just seemed a little lonely =(. Its a very easy map to move around and like most maps now you'll need to play it for a while to get the layout down.

Ammo is in good supply but I did find you had to trek around a little to grab some weapons. This did pose a problem in the thick of it. The reason for that is because on the lowest level of the map there are no weapons so you'll have to make your way upwards to get hold of anything substantial.

>Skorpion has once again delivered a <a href="">route file<a> for this map so you can get your maximum Omicron enjoyment out of it =).


Download Here (447Kb)
Carlos "Excessus" Sisi
Author Site
Reviewed : 06/06/1999

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