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Exdm2 "game preserve" (2 to 6)
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Excessus storms back with this extremely nice piece. Instead of going with the standard Quake selection of textures, Carlos opts for some textures from Hexen 2 which are apparently the meso-american set. On closer inspection I think I spotted a texture which was also used in Stecki's pli. Anyway, it all looks very cool.

Architecture is pretty varied. For the most part though its curved rooms and walls, with some corridors which have diagonally slanted walls. Lighting fits the mood as well, which is either wall torches or small wall lights. One thing I noticed was that in all but one area of the map (see the left hand screenshot) there is no sky, so therefore its generally not that light.

The layout is very open and its nice to have plenty of room to strafe about and move freely without fear of knocking into something and getting stuck. A player load of 4 (in FFA) is best as suggested in the maps readme. 6 is also good and just makes the game a little faster.


Download Here (377Kb)
Carlos "Excessus" Sisi
Author Site
Reviewed : 06/06/1999

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