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Platsberg1 (2 to 8)
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Another map from Gearbox. This shows a little more technical detail but is still suffers from a horrible layout. The layout is two big square rooms which have multiple levels in. 1 room has platforms in which either just hover (impressive I thought) or are connected via big metal poles to the roof. Falling off a platform usually means death since you drop into the lava which carpets the bottom of the map. The other room is slightly different, and has proper floors which are connected together by wooden staircases. The scaling is still pretty bad and there just isn't much room. I also got stuck on bits of architecture quite a bit which was very frustrating.

Weapon placement isn't too hot. The only RL is on the highest platform in the lava room and I never made it up there because I always got killed whilst trying to reach there.

Bots had problems getting round this map due to its funky layout in some parts and as such really limited the action.


Download Here (315Kb)
J. Farmer a.k.a Gearbox
Reviewed : 06/06/1999

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