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The School House (2 to 8)
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Where to start. Ok, the map is split up into three fairly distinct areas. Egyptian, high tech warehouse and old gloom blue brick. Each area consists of a really long corridor with teleporters at either end which drop you into these different areas. Now off these corridors is what can only be described as a maze of very small and cramped rooms. All in all this is pretty big map. If you noclip outside it you'll see exactly what I mean.

Item placement is haphazard and looks like the author got fed up and randomly chucked them about. It is not fun to play and how the author can suggest just 8 people is beyond me. I tried 16 and even then is was tiresome experience.

There are some "traps" in the map which are basically just floors which disappear and open up pits of lava.


Download Here (893Kb)
J. Farmer a.k.a Gearbox
Reviewed : 06/06/1999

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