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Fall (12)
Comments (3) Go to top of page  
Another interesting map by Mr This map can be described as a novelty map. Just an idea someone thought might be interesting to try out. Well interesting it is, for a couple of minutes... what you have here is a big rectangle room which is made up of 4 layers. The top two can be seen in the first screenshot and the second two can be seen in the second shot.

Now the novelty I was speaking of is this. You can far through the lava in the top area and drop down onto the the moving platforms shown in the lower area. Now if you far off these you land on the checked floor below, now this floor then splits apart into sections and moves outward and into the walls. You will fall from here into the teleporter below which drops you out of the brown brick chute and you start the process all over again...

There is one weapon which is RL you can see in the left hand shot. Now I tried it with some bots in. It was a complete no go. Complete and utter chaos. Unplayable. With 4 you just bounce around dodging until you final get hit dead on, because there is no health. With 8 to 12 its stupid. Its just became "packet overflow" hell.

One funny thing I found was you could rjump through the lava used for the roof and then fall out of the map and keep falling pass the map again and again!!!

If you're wondering as to where the score is its because I think this is an awful map I refuse to give it a score. My apologies to the author but this is just a bad map, it couldn't have taken you more than 20 minutes to make it.

You may have trouble downloading this map since when I checked it was still in the incoming dir on


Download Here (51Kb)
Reviewed : 06/06/1999


#1 wow! ignores titles
by wow! 17/10/2000 - 00:12:39 (
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MAps from hell series ;) I wanna play this one

#2 Yuhoo
by [tri]Hellfire 23/12/2000 - 11:41:53 (
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Falling all the time sounds real life! In quake it sux! I think I'm thinking, therefor I may possibly be.

#3 whohoo!!!!!
by boem is ho & bakkertje prut 18/05/2001 - 15:34:45 (
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This has got to be the best map we ever played......... All the colors/lightning just makes this map very good!!! It is just an incredible experience!!! You've got to get it now!!!!
Now here is our real comment on this 'masterpiece': Yawncity, cheapcity, nuff said

BTW: cool symbol!!!!

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