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Toxic Love (2 to 10 Players)
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There are differing styles of textures at work here. Once again I was stumbled as to what was used here but a peek in the readme showed that this third revision of the map (hence the "c" at the end, and now I understand all the funky letters after the names!) uses Hipnotic textures and adds weapon pads. One thing that I've noticed when looking through all these rocketman maps is how the author tries out different things with particularly every map. Anyway, as I mentioned at the beginning of this review there are two different styles here and to honest I don't think they go together very well. I think if the map was done up in the style shown in the first screenie then it would have been better.

Navigating the map isn't that easy. Corridors are player width and height in dimensions and because of this its like one way traffic. The person with the most health and biggest gun is the one that will get their way. Speaking of health there are relatively few health packs. Anyway, the layout is a mix of maze type corridors and big rooms. Nothing very original.

This type of layout gives way to a do or die type of game. He who is quickest with their trigger finger will win here. As far as numbers go its up in 6 to 10 area. Anything less and you'll be walking around watching the moss grow on the walls.


Download Here (218Kb)
Reviewed : 06/06/1999

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