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Frag Lab 1 (2 to 8 Players)
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Interesting style of map here. I've seen the textures used here before but I just can't seem to place them. Oh well. The entire map is decked out in a grey/blue metal which can be seen in both screenshots. The architecture is fairly simple, fairly boxy for the most part. The layout consists of a big square three layer room which connects to an hexagonal room with the same amount of floors. Red pieces of scaffolding litter the map, with a big structure which overlooks the main area of the map. You can get on to here via a ladder and then scramble up to grab the Quad. This could be used as campers spot and you could happily rain down several 'nades or rockets before someone blows you away.

Something else to note is the use of two wind pipes which transport you across the map. You can just about see an opening to the right of the first screenshot which is a little room containing the entrance and exit to these two wind tunnels. The other ends of these pipes are in the hexagonal room I mentioned earlier. They're an interesting addition but I rarely used them.

As noted in the readme the Omicron bots do take a while to properly grasp how the map plays but I'm sure if a proper route file was done this problem would be removed. I did find a very odd bug though, you could actually should through some of the walls. Very weird.

The map does play pretty well. Although the lower rank weapons are in there the old favourites, the GL, RL and LG do most of the damage here. The big square room is very open with plenty of room to move about in and it can be pretty action packed in there. The other room is a little cramped and I spent quite a bit of time circling round the platforms in the centre of room dodging lighting bolts and rockets. You're looking at about 4 in here since any higher number means it gets over crowded.


Download Here (218Kb)
Reviewed : 06/06/1999

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