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Aggressor (2 to 6 Players)
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This is one of Tyrann's earlier works but even so it looks amazing. The texture set is executed to perfection and it looks very detailed and polished. The base style is one of my favourite styles and is part of reason why I like this map. In order to do the textures justice everything must be aligned properly. Just look at the mess in the original id maps to see how it shouldn't be done. Anyway, lighting is equally good. The light given off by the wall lights though does seem to be very flat.

Item placement is good. Plenty of rockets which makes the RL and GL the weapon to use here. I quite like the positioning of the MH, getting it involves a walking along a wall bar. Nice touch!

This is another map which seems to fly with more that 2 people in. FFA is the thing here and I reckon 4 is best here. Its a pretty chaotic. This is probably due to the map being very well interconnected. Teleporters really help with this and without it would probably be a very linear experience. Whilst this map is very good, it doesn't seem to grab my attention as much as EDC does.


Download Here (246Kb)
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Reviewed : 23/05/1999

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