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Qurnel's Mine (1-on-1)
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Here we have Qurnel's fourth map. Those who read last weeks reviews will have noticed 3 of Qurnel's maps in there and that with each map they got better and better. Well no change here then, this map is an improvement over his previous works but still has some faults. There is still a lack of detail in some of architecture and I did find some of the angled surfaces were easy to get stuck on. Some clip brushes could easily have resolved this problem.

The texture set is interesting. You have some Quake 2 computer screens, the brown metal panels used in EDC by Tyrann and some grey metal grates mixed with Egyptian sand stone brick. I did notice a particularly odd texture in there though. If you look in the first screenshot you can see a MH in the left side of the picture. Well the texture for the item pad the MH sits on is just like the one used in Stecki's Peace and Love Incorporated. The idea is good, with the exception of Stecki's texture, but its execution at times is pretty slap dash. There are a couple of spots with some very bad misalignments which is actually surprising given his last maps were fairly strong in this area. It could be though that these textures require a little more work to use correctly.

1-on-1 is the only way to play this map. Whilst it is fairly big, it doesn't have enough firepower to sustain a big number of peeps. It is also fairly easy to dominate and dish out a good whipping. A slight change in item placement could have fixed this. Again, as shown in the first shot there is a MH, YA and RL. Anyone that can make it here and keep tabs on this particular area will be in control.

Qurnel shows improvement with each map I see and I think as time progresses we could see some good work. Some time spend looking at and using more detailed and varied architecture and textures could provide the key.


Download Here (187Kb)
Reviewed : 23/05/1999

#1 Invalid URL!
by Wizzy 15/01/2002 - 02:46:07 (
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Oh no! Qurnel's webpage has dissappeared!

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