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Shroud 2: Anxiety (2-4)
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>This map is a conversion of the another of Jerkoff's map <a href="">Shroud of the Fallen.</a> So if you're familar with that map you'll recognise the layout in this one. There have been some changes though. The texture set has been changed from DM6-ish to Quake 3 Arena style. Actually some textures from the q3test have been converted over and used here. The architecture is more detailed to accommodate this switch. The lighting has also been improved and looks more atmospheric. r_speeds are fairly high but if you can play A2 : Return to Atlantis properly then I see no problem running this map.

The original map was a real blast to play and theres no change on that score. Item placement is particularly identical. The only difference is the swapping of the quad for a ring of shadows. Also its placing is slightly different due to slight changes in the maps architecture. Its an excellent FFA map with 4 being the correct number. Its a pretty fast paced game. 1-on-1 for some reason didn't seem to work. The poor old bot would just circle round through the teleporters looking all confused.

The layout is very open. You have a big circular central column of which about half is out in the open. The other half has corridors which run around it. This open area provides the main area as far as action is concerned. There are a few corridors and areas which run off from here but they just seem to provide a means to build up your supply of ammo and weapons.


Download Here (331Kb)
Jerkoff aka Mike Daugherty
Author Site
Reviewed : 23/05/1999

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