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GeNDM2: Hyperalgesie (2 to 8 Players)
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Wow!!! Not only does this level look good, it plays well too! What can I say? Download it now!!!

Ok I can't just say download it, heres why you should. I love this style of level. Taking some influence I think from Ztn and Headshots levels. This influence is put together with some custom textures to give one smooth playing, smart looking map. Something I really liked in this level were the teleporters, very original. You'll just have to see them. Plenty of room for movement, play flows really well. I can't complain...

Well ok, I can complain, the only fault I can find is that the bots would *sometimes* try to walk up the slanted walls. If you don't play with bots, then it doesn't matter. Now stop reading and download it...


Download Here (299Kb)
Reviewed : 07/09/1998

#1 One of the best !
by Ashley Lauren 19/08/2001 - 17:54:54 (
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This map rules !
I've had so much fun playing this map over the past year ! It flows real good. There's plenty of ways out of any spot, if someone chasing you isn't smart, you can lose them and then double-back on them b4 they know what happened. LOVE IT ! At first glance you think the two sides are mirrored, but that's far from the case ! Lots of great overlapping floors.. seemingly deadends that aren't... great textures... fun fun fun.

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