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Primroast (2 to 6 Players)
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Now heres an interesting map. There are two versions of this particular map. The one you see in the screenshots is the alternative version. The difference being floor textures. In the one shown its the familiar red metal tiles, where as in the original version the floor is very cheesy looking.

That aside its sort of Dapak like but with a few different elements thrown in. The teleporters are a notable one. They are just very plain looking squares of grey water. Looks out of place considering the rest of the map is reasonably detailed. The majority of lighting is good. All sourced from either spot or roof mounted lights. I do think though that light from the sky is a little too bright. Reason being is that sky texture is that of stars at night and it looks very weird to have that much light from there.

There are lots of nice little things in this map which make it stand out. The area in the second screenie is an example. It just tickled me when I saw the "WARNING Falling People" sign. It was made funnier by the fact a bot then dropped down in front it whilst I was reading it. Something else which I liked is that if you jump up in the area to the left of the sign you will be pushed upwards towards a circular trap door which quickly opens and shuts. One final detail I shouldn't forget is that in the lower section of the map is an area with a sand type floor. Coming up through the floor are blades of grass. Now I've been told this is where Pingu got the idea to put ickle stones in the upper section of A2.

This is not really a 1-on-1 map since its a little too big and also there is too much of everything for that type of game. In FFA 6 peeps is a little too fast and furious for my liking. 4 is the number to go for in this map..


Download Here (224Kb)
Hot Cakes
Author Site
Reviewed : 16/05/1999

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