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Dippery Slip (4 to 12 Players)
Comments (3) Go to top of page  
This is the authors first map so I'll be as gentle as possible. Hehe. The author gives the best description of the map, so I'll just use what he said in the text file :"Well its kinda large and spread out, with some tight fiddly bits too. The textures vary but I kinda stuck to metal and its relations cos those were my favourites in the original Quake SP levels." Couldn't have described it better =).

It is weird that some areas are really wide and open (like in the first screenshot) and in other areas its all very tight and cramped. The texturing is consistent and stays for the most part on theme. There are some pretty bad misalignments in there. Architecture is so so. Some parts are quiet good where as other bits just aren't. Lighting is uniform and comes from a mixture of different sources. Sometimes it is sourced and other times it is not.

It is actually quiet a big map so you're looking at quiet a few players in here. It runs comfortably with 8 with enough items to keep things going smoothly. 12 is interesting if not a making it a little too busy in some areas of the map.


Download Here (307Kb)
Reviewed : 16/05/1999

#1 Who needs email?
by xen 06/04/2002 - 16:18:57 (
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I can communicate with you in private quite easily using these old unknown maps, Paul. heheheh :)

#2 *whack*
by Paul 07/04/2002 - 07:57:34 ( Refers to post #1
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Stop it you muppet. Btw, its quite easy to see whats being posted by looking at the Last 25 Posts on the sidebar.

#3 sorry, was bored :/
by xen 07/04/2002 - 14:01:37 (
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..never noticed that post thing either. thought it was an admin only thing...

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