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Qurnel's Kingdom (2 to 3 Players)
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The final map of three I've received from Qurnel. This is by far the best of the three maps Its of a similar setting to E1M2 again. The architecture whilst not up there with the best of them is more detailed and the lighting seems a lot better. The majority of it is now sourced. Its also more spacious and generally as a whole a better map.

There is still the wide open areas common in Qurnel's previous maps but this time its easier to use to your advantage since theres more room to move about.

You're looking at 1-on-1 here. The map can handle more (4-ish) but I was much happier with a 1-on-1 game. The huge open atrium means a lot of long distance rocket blasting. There is plenty of everything here and no power ups which makes the game more balanced. The placing of the MH is quiet novel in that its tucked away under part of wall structure.


Download Here (159Kb)
Kornel 'QurneL' Paszkowski
Author Site
Reviewed : 16/05/1999

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