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DaMaul4 - The Burning Darkness (2 to 4 Players)
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>Those of you that have played one of Damaul previous maps, <a href="">Damaul3 - Suicide Nation</a> (which is a Single Player map), will probably recognise the huge construction we have here. What we have here is a big tower which hovers in what can only be described as a black void. For some odd reason though the black background seems to turn green in some spots. Probably just some kind of GLQuake bug. Anyway, its all very well made. Nicely textured with detailed architecture. r_speeds are maybe a little on the high side.

Falling off the tower will cause you to teleport to the top of tower. So you can be a clumsy as you want =). Thing is the teleport destinations don't seem to be very well placed. One is just off the edge of the top of tower so you fall down on to the platform below and lose about 5 to 7 points of health.

Thats not the only thing badly placed. In the second screenshot is a MH on a platform. Now you can rjump up onto there to grab it. The problem I had though is that as you walk forward you pick up the LG and your weapon switches to that. This means when you aim down to start to jump you end up firing a bolt of lightning and not a rocket so you fall into the lava! Its fun to watch admittedly but not funny to do.

Playwise its a bit of nightmare. Bots have really problems navigating this map. The tower is made up three layers. The lower floor consists of an L shaped walkway which has a lift at either end which connects to the second floor. In the middle of the floor is a RA and a teleporter which drops you off on the top floor of the tower. The middle layer is a walkway around the tower which goes into the room shown in the second screenie. The top floor can be seen in left hand shot. The quad is placed on a circular platform here which has gaps either side. You can drop through these gaps and drop down to the second floor. To me it just doesn't seem very well connected.

Whilst is looks really cool, its just not a fun map to play.


Download Here (294Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 16/05/1999

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