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Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? (2 to 8 Players)
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This map was released back in January and due to me being a dopey git I lost the review request. Anyway 3 months later heres the review.

Its decorated in a mix of Quake, Quake 2 and Quake mission pack textures. Most of it though seems Quake 2 in style. Alignment is good, didn't spot anything obvious. Architecture is pretty cool and gives sort of an epic feel. Everything seems huge. The corridors are wide and easily allow you to strafe oncoming fire. The texturing makes it look more detailed than it actually is and r_speeds are ok. Highest I spotted was nudging the 600 mark and for the most part they're about 300-ish.

Lighting is ok. Plenty of shadows inside from the roof mounted lights. Nothing that is too dark. Outside it (area in the first screenshot) looks flat and a bit too bright. Could be better. Worth noting is the style of teleporters, something I've not seen before.

1-on-1 is a slow strategical affair due to the size of the map. 4 to 6 is about right. Due to wide corridors and big open spaces you can easily have 4 or 5 of you battling away at once in the same area. Ammo is plentiful. Getting the MH requires a rjump so be prepared to lose some health in order to gain more.


Download Here (350Kb)
Borsato aka Rudolf Kremers
Author Site
Reviewed : 09/05/1999

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