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FragTower (4+)
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The pictures you see here are of an earlier version of the map. The differences in the new version are a couple of new rooms.

Stylewise its a real mix. Nothing too funky but the varying styles don't really gel. Theres also a lot of misaligned textures. The layout is also messy. Its very disjointed. Not meaning to be rude, but it seems the rooms have just been stuck together for fun. Lighting is extremely dark in some spots. Take a gander at the first picture to see what I mean.

There are a lot of little things that really bug me in this map, which when brought together really bug me! For example, if you fall into the slime (see first screenshot) you can't get out. This happens in another spot as well. Then theres the extremely small amount of ammo. Bots don't like this map either, navigating it is just hell for them.


Download Here (368Kb)
Cormac Phelan aka Voodoo_Melon
Reviewed : 09/05/1999

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