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Retaliation (2 to 6 Players)
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This map almost became a victim of the CIH virus, but lucky for us, it didn't. Texturing consists of batch of converted Quake 2 textures. Something I spotted when testing the map was the texture on the item pads. It looks cut off. According to Ninja though this is what it looks in Quake 2 so I'll let it pass on that point =). Architecture is also Quake 2 like. Its all pretty detailed stuff. My favourite area is shown the first screenie.

Running along the top of the corridors is a metal grill texture with the lights along the edges. Thing is not much light seems to come from them. Theres quite a few spot lights, but for the most part lighting seems unsourced. Looks kind of odd looking.

This map works well both in 1-on-1 and in FFA. 1-on-1 was pretty fast paced game. It can be fairly easy to dominate, just work out a path between the MH and RA and you'll be in control. Getting the MH isn't as easy as it looks. Its in an alcove off one of the atriums. Whilst it is easy to grab you can block a player in by just firing in rockets and grenades. The bots were very prone to this and I racked up a fair few frags using this method. For a FFA game you're looking at 4 to 6. 4 is manageable, 6 is fun but messy.


Download Here (168Kb)
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Reviewed : 09/05/1999

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